Social Media Marketing (SMM)

SMM is like the most sought after digital marketing tactic which is not merely amazing but actually serves as a power packed influencer. It evidently exercises much of a spell of a conjuror as it comes to grabbing the rapt attention of the visitors.


SMM or social media marketing always makes a deep impact at a very personal level on the psyche of the visitors or the prospective buyers. Social media marketing as a discipline is personalized, compelling and more of a consumer driven approach. When every other web tactics perform less than what is expected out of them, it is this user centric marketing approach that saves grace and ropes in potpourri of profits.

The world of online marketing gets dominated by high tech SMM tactics that engage people and drive sales figures. This is the reason why we chose to make a nose dive into this domain to orchestrate human centric and detail oriented campaigns that will serve as game changers.

The real edge of Shanvia SMM team

Shanvia intends to put its best foot forward by zeroing in on the most effective SMM components. All our endeavors are chiefly driven by a well thought out marketing plan to ensure long lasting results. Before we exert our efforts we choose to delve real deep into consumer habits and purchasing trends. Once we are pretty much through with the demographics part then only the selection of a particular SMM mode comes into play.

Some of the most effective and time tested social media optimization tricks which we bring into play are -

  • Understanding precise user interests in the first place
  • Harboring one to one rapport
  • Creating streamlined content marketing
  • Creating the most eyeball grabbing G+ profiles along with FB profiles, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram profiles.
  • Mail marketing tools
  • Branding and influencer marketing
  • Visual storytelling through live streaming videos
  • Creating paid business pages
  • SMS marketing
  • Digital ads
  • Implementing marketing automation
  • Brainstorming productive lead generation mechanism
  • Understanding and utilizing psychological triggers
  • Staging campaigns based on user generated social content

Our approach is dedicated to add strong boost to your marketing mechanism and help you achieve real lofty standards in your field of business. If you feel you are having trouble in dealing with your social media marketing strategies then you can always feel free to call us up to stay strong as a leading brand in your respective marketplace.