Google tightens requirements for Play Store, Android apps must be 64-bit by August 2019

Google has announced new guidelines for Android app developers centered around improving app security and performance. Starting from August 2018, all applications submitted to the Google Play store will need to target API level 26 (for Android 8.0 Oreo) or higher. From November 2018, updates to existing applications will need to target the same. Additionally, and more importantly, the Play Store is dropping support for 32-bit applications from August 2019 onward. Starting August 2019, all applications in the Google Play Store will need to be 64-bit compliant. Google is giving developers and users almost two users to switch over to the 64-bit world. After which, 32-bit applications are set to face the axe. Google claims that over 40 percent of Android devices online already have 64-bit support. Apple has already ditched 32-bit with iOS 11 which only supports 64-bit applications. In early 2018, the Google Play Store will also start adding a small amount of security metadata on top of each application's APK in order to verify its authenticity. No user or developer input is required for this change - it will happen automatically from Google's end.